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    Deputation of Faculty for Ph.D programme:
  • The management introduced this scheme of granting financial assistance to the faculty members to pursue Ph.D programme for a period of three years, extendable for the fourth year with 75% of their gross salary since 24/04/1992. The deputation allowance was revised to 65% of gross salary in 2011. After completion of Ph.D work faculty member has to re-join for work.
  • All the faculty members availing this facility are required to given an undertaking on a stamped paper stating that they will serve SIT for a period of 5 years after completion of Ph.D.
  • Any faculty who discontinues the Ph.D programme, has to repay the amount of allowance he/she taken in one lump sum with 12% interest.
    UG Research Component:
  • UG Students of V Semester B.E. with CGPA > 8.5 till IV Sem. B.E. can enrol for Research Component.
  • All the details about this programme are provided in the respective departments.
  • This component is treated as a 6 credit course in the curriculum.
  • The student or a group of students (max. 4 students) will work under a faculty with Ph.D who will be the guide, for a period of 1.5-2 years.
  • The students along with the guide will come up with a research problem statement and work on that.
  • The results of this work need to be published in a conference or a journal.
  • The results need to be demonstrable.
  • The evaluation of this Research Work will be done during 7th or 8th semester examinations.
  • The CIE is evaluated by a panel constituted within the department along with the guide.
  • The SEE is done with an external examiner who has expertise in the chosen research problem.
  • Students undergoing this research programme will be exempted from studying one Humanity Course and one Open Elective Course.
  • This was approved in the 13th Academic Council meeting held on 25/06/2011.

Incentives for faculty: To motivate the faculty members to pursue research activities, the management sanctioned incentives for publishing articles in journals/conference which are indexed by Scopus/Web of Science databases, writing Books, Book Chapters and obtaining Patent with Siddaganga Institute of Technology affiliation.

Sl.No. Category Incentive (INR)
01 Journal Article Publications 4000
02 Conference Publications 2000
03 Books with ISBN 5000
04 Book Chapter 2000
05 Patents 5000
06 Sponsored Research Projects %1 of grant amount released during the calendar year

If the authors are multiple from SIT in the publication & articles in journals and conferences the incentive will be shared among them. The same policy is followed in authoring the book and book chapters.

M.Tech Publications: All M.Tech students are required to publish the work done in project work in a conference or a journal. For publishing in Scopus / Web of Science indexed conference the institution provides the registration fee and travel allowance. This was approved in the 26th Academic Council meeting held on 26/12/2015.

Seed / Start-up research grant to young /new faculty members

The management has sanctioned

  • Seed money is given as research grant to young/new faculty members to pursue research in their areas of interest. Using this seed money the required equipment to start the research can be procured.
  • Any shortage of funds for procuring equipment from sponsored research grant is also sanctioned.

Extension of Research Assistantship to Full-time Ph.D. Scholars from the institute fund:

The proposal of extending research assistance for full time Ph.D scholars from the Institute fund was presented to Governing Council. The status of research, scope of the proposed assistance and the process of selection of research scholars were briefed. After discussion, the council resolved to extent research assistantship of Rs.10,000/- per month to full time Ph.D scholars.

  • The management, Sree Siddaganga Education Society (SSES), approved the proposal for extending Research Assistantship to Full-time Ph.D. scholars from the institute fund for 24 research scholars every year.
  • Computer Science and Engineering
    Sl.No. Specialization Assitantship
    01 Civil Engineering 02
    02 Mechanical Engineering 04
    03 Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1
    04 Telecommunication Engineering 1
    05 Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering 1
    06 Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering 1
    07 Computer Science and Engineering 3
    08 Industrial Engineering and Management 1
    09 Chemical Engineering 1
    10 Biotechnology 1
    11 MBA 1
    12 MCA 1
    13 Nano- Technology 1
    14 Physics 1
    15 Chemistry 1
    16 Mathematics 1
    Total 24
  • Process for selection of Research Scholars:
    • Advertisement is given in newspapers and in the institute's website inviting applications.
    • Following is the eligibility criteria to avail the Research Assistantship:
      • Candidates should possess first class degree at both UG and PG level.
      • Selection of the candidates is based on the written test followed by an interview at the institution level.
      • Candidates must have registered for Ph.D programme of VTU in research centres of SIT.
      • The candidates who are on deputation or already availing other fellowships are not eligible to apply.
    • The syllabus for the Qualifying test is prepared by the respective departments focusing on strong basics and fundamentals with GATE syllabus as a reference. The panel of examiners comprising of only external members (Professors from reputed institutions) are chosen for paper setting. The question paper comprises of 45 questions (30 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with one mark each and 15 Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions with 2 marks each) covering the entire syllabus.
    • The candidates are issued offer letter for Research Assistantship with terms and conditions focussing on quality research work during the entire Ph.D period.

Advisory Council

  1. Dr. B G Mulimani, Former Vice Chancellor, Gulbarga University, Chairman.
  2. Dr. S Mohan, Visiting Professor, Centre for Nano-Science and Engineering, IISc., Bangalore - Co-chairman.
  3. Dr.Satyanarayana N Gummadi, Professor, Department of BioTechnology, Bhupat and Jyoti Mehta School of Biosciences, IIT Madras, Chennai. - Member
  4. Dr. A Veeraraghavan, Professor , Department of Civil Engg., IIT Madras, Chennai - Member
  5. Dr. Ajit T Kalghatgi, Chairman & Managing Director (Retd.), Bharat Electronics Ltd. Bangalore - Member
  6. Dr. J. M. Mallikarjuna, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering IIT Madras, Chennai - member
  7. Dr. B B Amberker, Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engg., National Institute of Technology, Warangal - Member
  8. Dr. Gopal Naik, Professor & Chair, Economics and social sciences, IIM Bangalore - Member
  9. Dr. R Tewari, Scientist, BARC, Mumbai - Member
  10. Principal, SIT, Tumkur - Member
  11. Dr. N R Sunitha, Professor, Dept. of CSE, SIT, Tumkur - Co-ordinator

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