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Dr. M.R.Shollapur
His holiness Shree Shree Dr. Shivakumar Swamiji, Shreekshetra Siddaganga Math, Tumkur is the patron of the school. With his holy blessings, the School has achieved many milestones in its endeavor to offer an excellent learning environment to its students, excellent working environment for its faculty and staff, and be recognized as a reputed institution in quality education, training, research, consultancy, and social services over the years since its establishment in 1997.
Dr. M.N.Channabasappa, Director, Siddaganga Institute of Technology(SIT), is one of the main architects of this school. His continued guidance and unstinted support has helped the school continually exhibit commendable growth and performance.
The School is located in a salubrious environment of SIT campus with spacious physical structures of its own. All the amenities necessary for conducive learning environment are available in the school. All the class rooms are presently being fitted with the LCD projectors. There will be plug-ins in the class rooms to facilitate the use of lap tops by the students.
Short Range Goals
  1. Improving students performance in campus selections
  2. Improving number of students seeking admission to higher school of learning
  3. Enhancing industry-institute interaction
  4. Improving academic standards of the faculty
  5. Improving societal development activities
  6. Improving academic performance of the students
Long Range Goals
  1. To establish a school of excellence to meet varying global challenges
  2. To establish full time consultancy centre in the department
Designation Number
Professors 03
Associate Professors 04
Assistant Professors 08
Faculty Name: Dr. M R Shollapur
Designation: Director
Email: shollapur_mr@yahoo.com
ContactNo 0816 2282692, +91 9611102660
Qualification: M.Com., M.B.A., L.L.B., Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Finance, Banking, Cost Accounting
Faculty Name: Dr. S Panneerselvam
Designation: Professor
Email: spss_selvam@rediffmail.com,  spss_selvam@hotmail.com
ContactNo +91 9480250369
Qualification: M.B.A. (IT & Mgmt.), M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics), PGDOR & PBDCSA, Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: IT & QT

Faculty Name: Dr. P Venkataramana
Designation: Professor
Email: venkataramana_p2001@yahoo.com
ContactNo +91 7204775347
Qualification: M.A., M.M.M(Mktg.), Ph.D., PGC Res.Meth. (TISS)
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Marketing
Associate Professors
Faculty Name: Dr. M Ajoy Kumar
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: ajoy@sit.ac.in, ajoymk@rediffmail.com
ContactNo +91 9886145620
Qualification: M.Com., ICWAI (Inter) Diploma in Business Management, Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Finance

Faculty Name: U S Mohapatra
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: uma_sankar_m@yahoo.com
ContactNo +91 9845054883
Qualification: B.Sc.(Ag), PGDM
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Marketing

Faculty Name: Dr. C Somashekar
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: csomashekhar@gmail.com
ContactNo +91 9844420529
Qualification: B.E., MBA,.Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Marketing

Faculty Name: Dr. Mani V
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: manivenkat75@gmail.com, maniv.iitr@gmail.com
ContactNo +91 9060047442
Qualification: M.Tech., MBA, Ph.D (IIT, Roorkee), PDF(U.Porto)
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Marketing/ Operations
Assistant Professors
Faculty Name: Mahantesh Jakaty
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: mahantesh_jack@yahoo.co.in,  mahamat@rediffmail.com
ContactNo +91 9886634895
Qualification: M.A., PGDIR & PM
Area of Interest / Specialisation: HRM & OB

Faculty Name: T U Manu
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: manu.sit@rediffmail.com
ContactNo +91 9886345863
Qualification: B.E., M.B.A., JRF-NET (Management)
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Marketing

Faculty Name:  Preeti S. Desai
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: preeti.vm@gmail.com
ContactNo +91 9008977611
Qualification: M.Com., M.Phil., A.C.S (Intermediate)
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Finance

Faculty Name: G S Vivek
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: vivekgsaste@gmail.com
ContactNo +91 9880052710
Qualification: B.Com., M.B.A.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Finance

Faculty Name: Pushpalatha S Patil
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: pushpa.sp@gmail.com
ContactNo +91 9986000424
Qualification: B.E., M.B.A.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: HRM

Faculty Name: Shreya Chakraborthy
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: shreya.sekhar.chakraborthy@gmail.com
ContactNo +91 9739086335
Qualification: M.Com., C.A.(Inter), NET(UGC)
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Finance

Faculty Name: Gireesh Y M
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: gireesh.y.m@gmail.com
ContactNo +91 9663081501
Qualification: MA, M.Phil.,MBA,PGDMM
Area of Interest / Specialisation: HRM

Faculty Name: Shilpa U
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: shilpaa.you@gmail.com
ContactNo +91 9449944299
Qualification: MBA
Area of Interest / Specialisation: HRM
Supporting Staff
Name: Soumya Harish
Designation: Administrative Assistant
Email: soumya@sit.ac.in
ContactNo +91 9743414667
Qualification: B.Com.

Name: G.E.Eralingappa
Designation: Library Assistant
Email: eralingappa@rediffmail.com
ContactNo +91 9663599692
Qualification: M.Sc., M.Phil., PGDHRM

Name: Sreeramu
Designation: Library Assistant
Email: msreeramu@yahoo.com
ContactNo +91 9740579450
Qualification: M.Sc., M.Phil.

Name: M D Sindhu
Designation: Office Assistant
Qualification: M.Sc., M.Phil.

Name: B K Satheesha Babu
Designation: Operator
Email: bk_sathish@rediffmail.com
ContactNo +91 9739486306
Qualification: D.C.Sc., B.Sc., M.Sc. (I.T)

Name: Shivaraddi Hosamani
Designation: Instructor
Email: shivaraddi@rediffmail.com
ContactNo +91 9986423821
Qualification: D.C.Sc. & E

Name: D RJagadeesha
Designation: Office Attender
Email: jagadeesh_dr@sit.ac.in
ContactNo +91 9448747889

Name: G Somashekaraiah
Designation: Attender
Email: somashekaraiah@sit.ac.in
ContactNo +91 9731845016

Name: C S Harish Babu
Designation: Driver
ContactNo +91 9916619126
The faculty represents a judicious combination of academic accomplishments and professional experience. PGDMS has 16 regular faculty at different levels, supported by four Emeritus Professors with IIMs/ international organization / foreign university experience. Besides teaching, the faculty members are active in research, publications and consultancy.
Visiting professors include professionals and practitioners from Business and Industry.
Computer Center
The Computer center has 125 computers connected by LAN with 250 MBPS leased line Internet connection shared across the campus. In addition, the computer centre is also equipped with latest softwares, database packages and other management application packages. This includes Capital-Line, SPSS, LIBSOFT AND ERP:SAP-B1.
The campus is wi-fi enabled.
The departmental library is well stacked with academic and reference books, subscribing to various national and international Management Journals and Business Dailies. The Library is always accessible to the students with flexible timings. Each student is provided with a business daily and one periodical of his/her choice. Library has a stock of 9887 Volumes, 6373 Titles, 54 National and 06 International Journals and PROQUEST-e-Journal.
The School has been constantly striving to place 100 percent of its graduating students in companies / organizations of interest to them by wide distribution of placement brochures, advance planning and organization of campus placement/ in company meetings and continuing to build good relationship with potential employer organizations. It is planned to further strengthen these efforts by setting up well functioning placement office and enhancing and broadening the network of companies/ organizations. For the year 20016-17, more than 50 percent of the graduating students have been placed before the end of June and the efforts are being made to place the remaining students before August end.
Yoga Class
Yoga class is mandatory audit course for all the students of our MBA program. This will help the students to be physically and mentally stronger persons.
Soft Skills Development
The School has given a special focus on the development of soft skills of the students. Business reporting and communication skills are developed through language and communication lab exercises by the trained faculty.
Student Mentoring
This is another initiative started last year under which a group of students are assigned to a designated faculty member who acts as a mentor and meets assigned students once a week. The objective is to provide a platform for guidance in career & study planning and helping students in solving their studies related problems. This is especially helpful to students who are weak in studies.
Hostel Facility
The PGDMS has well furnished separate hostels for boys and girls with modern amenities and conveniences. It has well furnished rooms with access to hot water in a safe environment. Hostels have common rooms with TV, music, reading room and mess facility. Hostel accommodation is compulsory for all the students. Local students are exempted from staying in hostel.
Faculty Publications
  • Faculty Publications
  • Chairman
    Sri K. Jairaj, IAS (Retd.)
    Former Additional Chief Secretary& Head
    Govt. of Karnataka, Former President, AIMA and Former Sr. Public Sector Management Specialist, World Bank, Washington DC
    Dr. Chandra Akkihal
    Professor of Economics (Emeritus) & Head
    Former Director MBA Prog., Marshall Uni., Huntington (USA), Chairman, Akkihal College, Dharwad
    Dr. Gopal Naik
    Professor, Chairperson
    Centre of Excellence, Urban Development & IIM, Bangalore
    Mr. Aloysius P Fernandez
    Exe. Director, "Myrad", No.2
    Service, Road, Domlur, Bangalore - 560 071
    Dr. Ramesh G Tagat
    Former Professor IIMB
    Former Director, PGDMS, SIT, Tumkur
    Mr. T K Nanjundappa
    SSES, Tumkur
    Dr. M N Channabasappa
    S.I.T., Tumkur
    Dr. Shivakumaraiah
    S.I.T., Tumkur
    Prof. Basavarajaiah
    Dean (Planning and Development)
    S.I.T., Tumkur
    Dr. M R Shollapur
    MBA, S.I.T., Tumkur
    Scheme and Syllabus
    Post Graduate
    Master of Business Administraton 2 years
    Ph.D.  Programme
    Ph.D. in Management