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The library, centrally located in the campus, is housed in two independent 3 - storeyed buildings having a plinth area of 1533 Sq. Mts. The library building was built by a donation received from Sri T.N. Kempahonnaiah, a philanthropist from Tumkur. The library is having a collection of 1,10,586 volumes that includes 46,158 volumes under General, 34495 volumes under the Book Bank, 14,683 volumes under SC/ST Book Bank and 15270 other volumes. The collection includes reference works such as Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Hand Books and Standards.
The library subscribes 212 Technical Periodicals of which about 42 are International; it has also a collection of nearly 3993 Back Volumes of Periodicals.
The library subscribed the e-resources mandated by AICTE i.e., IEL Online, ASCE, EBSCO, ELSEVIER (Engineering and Computer Science), J-Gate Engineering & Technology (JET), and Springer. These e-resources can be accesses across the campus 24/7. The library has membership with reputed libraries in Bangalore, like British Library, NAL Library, IIMB Library and CMTI LIbrary by which our students and faculty can avail the reference services offered by the above Libraries.
The seating capacity of the Library is 450 users at a time, which also includes two separate AC Reading Halls of a capacity of 150 users. The library is computerised with WEB - enabled open source software NewGenLib. The on-line public access catalog can be accessed across the campus through OPAC which facilitates to search the books by author, title.
The Library has Book Bank facility for SC/ST students, apart from the General Book Bank. The SC/ST students can borrow 6 books at a time from SC/ST Book Bank and 3 Books will be issued from book bank till the end of semester. After the due date of books, a fine of Rs.1/- per day will be charged.
The Library has in stock 1,13,211 Volumes and 23,465 Titles. The collection of the Library comprises Books, Periodicals, Reference Books; mainly in Science, Engineering and Technology. However the Library has also, Indian Standards and some general books. It has a good collection of Bound Volumes of Periodicals.
Sl.No Collections No. of Volumes
01 Main Library Collections 48,104
02 Book Bank 35,182
03 SC/ST Social WelFare Book Bank 14,683
04 Other Books 17,869
05 e-Books 15,000
06 e-Journals 10,263
07 No of Volumes 1,13,995
08 No of Titles 23,681
01 Number of Print Journal's subscribed 212
02 Number of e-Journal's subscribed 10,263
03 Back volumes of Periodicals 3,993
Sl.No Publishers E Resources
01 ASCE E-Journals
02 ASME E-Journals
03 IEEE IEL Online E-journalss,Conference Proceedings and standards
04 Knimbus Digital Library -
05 ProQuest Management -
06 ProQuestEng.+Architecture -
07 Sententia An Assistive Tool for formal Writing
08 Springer e-Journals
Sl.No Publishers
01 CRC BOOKS(t and F)
02 Kopykitab
03 Springer
04 Taylor & Franics
Library has listed some of the identified WEB-SITES pertaining to the Deparments of: Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Instrumentation Technology, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics and some sites pertaining to Language Learning and Quotations.
These websites will provide you listing of their Publications, Membership, however you have free access to their Publications Upto Abstract level only.
Department Of Architecture
This site is from Massachchussets Institute of Technology, USA. It contains the Digital Images of some of the Antiquarian Buildings of Architectural importance that are situated in the Campus.
Department Of Chemical Engineering
This Site is of American Institute of Chemical Engineers and provides access to their Publications, under each publication you can search by Author, Subject and Title and also search all the Institute Journals and other Publications, for a particular Chemical Engineering subject. You have free access to this SITE upto Abstracts level.
Department Of Chemistry
The SITE is of one of the premier Learned Society, American Chemical Society, the Publishers of "CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS" since 1907. This SITE is for the entire publication range of American Chemical Society, including the Chemical Abstracts.
Department Of Civil Engineering
In the Branch of Civil Engineering, the most important orgnisation is the American Society of Civil Engineers which was established in 1852. Thus it is one of the Learned Society in existence for more than 150 Years. Its membership 130000 throughout the Globe. It is Publishing 30 Journals in all Branches of Civil Engineering and this Site provides access to all the Journals and the other Publications of ASCE. It has developed a Civil Engineering Database of 100000 Records since 1970.
Department Of Computer Science and Engineering
The number of websites in this Branch of Engineering are many, but in this page we have selected three of the most Prolific examples: IEEE, IEE, ACM. The IEEE and ACM has a Digital Library Access IEEExplore and ACM Digital Library, which will enable you to Access to all their Publications; Periodicals, ACM Special Interest Groups (40 in Number) Standards and Conference Proceedings. IEE is offered by INSPEC in addition to Computer Science it also includes, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Control and Communication Engineering and Information Technology.
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Again the Number of Sites in Electrical and Electronics Engineering are many.We have selected the two very fabulous, the IEEE and IEE. The latter again is a joint programme of IEEE, IEE, AIP, Physical Society and is now RUN as INSPEC Information System in the field of Physics, Electrical and Electronics, Computer and Control Engineering. The beginning of IEE and its publications is traced back to 1896 when Science Abstracts was started in UK. Today as a Joint programme it is considered as one of the world's largest Electronic Database in the field.It is also availble through number of Journal Aggregators like Proquest. It is a Journal Content Service and has no Publications of its own like the IEEE. IEEE as a matter fact is from USA publishes as many as 66 Journals, Transactions and Magazines of repute.Besides it has also good number of Standards of its own, and number of Conference Proceedings. To give full complement of its publications and services is not possible to give in short here, hence users are advised to CLICK on to the SITE and to have a tour of the Site.
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
The Description is this case same as above as the two SITES also deal all subjects and branches.
Department Of Industrial Engineering Management
Department of Information Science
Department of Instrumentation Technology
The ISA - Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society of America was founded in the year 1945. Its present Membership is aroung 38000 members. It is a major Learned Society in the field of Automation + Control and serves for the professional needs of accreditation of related systems in the Instrumentation field. It disseminates knowledge of Automation and Control by the means of technical training and respectful publications: Books, Journals and Standards. In addition to this specific subject site we have also Identified, related sites in the field such as; IEEE and so on.
Department Of Mathematics
Department of Mechanical Engineering
There are two International Institutions of repute. They are American Society for Mechnical Engineers(ASME) and Institute of Mechanical Engineers of UK (IMechE).The ASME was founded in 1880 and is today has expanded its activities internationally with a membership of 125,000 members. One of the world's largest technical publishers in the area with 21 Journals and 5 International Society Journals and number of Industrial and Management codes and standards.The Professional Engineering publishers list of journals are also available. The Websites include, the ASME,PEP Publishing and the ASME Library and Information Services. The IMechE is 150 years old with 80,000 members. It is a qualifying body for mechanical engineers. Publishes over 16 Journals and numerous proceedings.Its library is also equally resourceful with nearly 56,000 volumes and the catalogue is accessible online. The Services of both ASME and IMechE are integrated and one can access the publications of both singly or by both.
Department Of Physics
The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is a not-for-profit membership corporation chartered in New York State in 1931 for the purpose of promoting the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics and its application to human welfare. It is the mission of the Institute to serve physics, astronomy, and related fields of science and technology by serving its Member Societies and their associates, individual scientists, educators, students, R&D leaders, and the general public with programs, services and publications. The Institute in the area of Physics, is the Institute of Physics is leading international profe.
Department Of Science
Among the sciences, the Journals like, Scientific American,The Science and the New Scientist are considered as the front end journals announcing the developments in Sciences and emerging areas of study of Science such as Nano Materials. In this we have listed such sites. The site of the Indian Academy of Sciences provides for free access to the FULL TEXT of articles of all their Journals.
Language Learning
In the Universities of many western countries and in some in the East, the establishment of a Language Laboratory has become a necessity. The Number of Language Laboratories are growing in number in USA. Today the language laboratory in a University or in an Institution of higher learning has become a justifiable necessity. Advances in Educational Technology and in Information Technology have made major transformation and now equipped with a networked computers,hooked to INTERNET and E-mails and obviously the Software and Websites pertaining to Language Learning are growing number. Here we have just given a few. There are also number of search engines of different foreign languages too. Here we have given two and one can just add the abbreviation of the language and log-on to the respective language sites. For German site add-ge.
Department Of Library
Here we have identified the Library Web-sites, where they have very Knowledge Resources in Engineering and Technology. Their Library Catalogues can be browsed online and know the availability of the books with their details. They can be made available on Inter Library Loan to the local readers. Further we have also identified some National Libraries like the Library of Congress which can also be accessed online.Some sites are related to Library organisations.
Library works for 17 Hours during five week days, 12 hours on Saturdays and for 6 Hours on Sundays and Holidays. It is closed for only five days in a Year.
Days Working Hours
Monday to Friday 8.00 A.M. to 12.30 Midnight
Saturdays 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M.
Sundays & General Holiday's 10.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M.
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