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Dr. R Aparna
Professor and Head
This Department started functioning in the year 1999 with an intake of 60, offering bachelor degree in Information Science and Engineering.
Department comprises of highly qualified and experienced teaching staff and research scholars, who are committed to excellence and always striving to bring out creativity and innovative methods in teaching.
Department also has experienced technical staff who help the students in understanding the latest technical aspects in a much simpler format. Department is consistently conducting activities like
workshops, guest lectures, seminars for the purpose of knowledge up gradation of both staff and students. These activities also include exposure to cutting edge technologies which keeps our students in touch with latest developments in the field of Information Technology.
Department has well equipped laboratories housing state of the art equipments including computer systems with latest configurations, which are completely networked and latest software's for applications and development areas.
To provide education of excellent quality to facilitate all learners to develop their full potential as individuals by imparting a clear knowledge of the fundamentals and applied aspects of Information Science and Engineering to make them acceptable to Industries, higher Institutions of learning and society.
Short Range Goals
    • To improve student - faculty relationship by counseling and interaction.
    • To keep an eye towards the improvement of academic performance of students and faculty every year.
    • To arrange special lectures from experts.
    • To concentrate on other technical activities such as hobby projects, paper presentation etc., to strengthen the technical skills of students.
    • To conduct mock written test, group discussion and interviews to enhance the performance of students for campus selection
    • To equip the department to meet the needs of surrounding industries.
Long Range Goals
    • To create a research base of information desk.
    • To develop expertise and facilities for conducting training programmes for people from industries and other institutions.
Designation Number
Professors 02
Associate Professors 02
Assistant Professors 13
Head of the Department
Faculty Name: Dr. R Aparna
Designation: Professor & Head
Email: raparna@sit.ac.in
ContactNo& 9480408455
Qualification: M.S. (S/W Systems) Ph.D.
Faculty Name: Dr. H S Jayanna
Designation: Professor
Email: jayannahs@sit.ac.in
ContactNo& 0816-2214064
Qualification: M.E., Ph.D. (IIT, Guwahati)
Associate Professors
Faculty Name: Dr. M S Rudramurthy
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: rudrams@sit.ac.in
ContactNo& 0816-2214064
Qualification: M.Tech.,Ph.D.(JNTU, Hyderabad)

Faculty Name: Dr.Purohit Srinivasacharya
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: purohit@sit.ac.in
ContactNo -
Qualification: M.Tech.,Ph.D.
Assistant Professors
Faculty Name: Dr. H Kavitha
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: hkavitha@sit.ac.in
ContactNo -
Qualification: M.Tech.,Ph.D

Faculty Name: G Jagadambha
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: jagadamba@sit.ac.in
ContactNo -
Qualification: M.Tech.,(pursuing Ph.D at VTU, Belgaum)

Faculty Name: Nagarathna B Chittaragi
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: chittaragi@sit.ac.in
ContactNo -
Qualification: M.Tech.,(pursuing Ph.D at NITK, Surathkal)

Faculty Name: B Sathisha
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: sathishb@sit.ac.in
ContactNo -
Qualification: M.Tech.,(pursuing Ph.D IIT, Guwahati)

Faculty Name: S P Sharmila
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: sharmila@sit.ac.in
ContactNo -
Qualification: M.Tech.

Faculty Name: S Sharath Kumar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: skumars@sit.ac.in
ContactNo -
Qualification: M.Tech.

Faculty Name: Hemavathi
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: hema@sit.ac.in
ContactNo -
Qualification: M.Tech.

Faculty Name: S Ramu
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: ramu@sit.ac.in
ContactNo -
Qualification: M.Tech.

Faculty Name: Keerthan Kumar T G
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: keerthanSwamy@gmail.com
ContactNo -
Qualification: M.Tech.

Faculty Name: Shubha C
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: shubhasea@gmail.com
ContactNo -
Qualification: M.Tech.

Faculty Name: Sushma S.A
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: sushmasa@sit.ac.in ,sushmasa.sit@gmail.com
ContactNo 91 9449087574
Qualification: M.Tech.

Faculty Name: Madhuri B
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: madhurinaveen7@gmail.com
ContactNo +91 95382 22895
Qualification: M.Tech.
Staff Name Qualification Expertise
D.C.Sc. & Eng. MS Office, Dbase, C, Cobol
B P Ganesh
D.C.Sc. & Eng. MS Office, Dbase, C, Cobol
D S Rajanna
Name of the laboratory Photo Major equipments available
Vasudha Computer Laboratory
  1. Pentium Systems Lenova with moniter–– 70 Nos.
  2. LCD Projectors––– 02 Nos
  3. 5 K.V. UPS––– 06 Nos.
  4. Laser Printers––– 02 Nos.
Panini Research Center
  1. Pentium Systems Lenova with moniter–– 10 Nos.
  2. HP Pro 3090 –– 10 Nos.
  3. Laser Printers––– 01 Nos.
Kautilya Computer Center
  1. Pentium Systems Lenova with moniter–– 20 Nos.
  2. µP accesories –– 10 Nos.
  3. Single chep Microcontrollers––– 10 Nos.
Dr. R Aparana
Professor and Head
Dept. of ISE
SIT, Tumkur
Dr. P Nagabhushan
Professor & Chief Nodal Officer
Choice Based Credit System
Mysore University
Contact No: 9448051551
Email: pnagabhushan@compsci.uni-mysore.ac.in
Dr. Susheela Devi
Principal Research Scientist
Dept. of Computer science & Automation
IISc, Bangalore - 560 012
Contact No: 22932913 / 22932368 Extn 234
Email: susheela@csa.iisc.ernet.in
Dr.S hashidhar G Koolagudi
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Computer Sc. & Engg
NIT, Surathkal
Contact No: 9986332545
Email: koolagudi@nitk.ac.in
Dr. Gopal Krishna V
Board Member & Advisor
Integra Microservices
Email: vgopi@integramicro.com
Contact No: 9845007184
Mr. Mallesh Lepakshaiah
Senior Software Engineer
IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
EGL Business Park
Indiranagar Inner ring road
Email: lmallesh@in.ibm.com
Contact No:  9880137615
Devaraj H Patil
Principal R&D Engineer at Airvana
Flat #A204, 28th Cross
Opp. BDA Park, HSR Layout 7th Sector
Near BDA complex (HSR)
Bangalore - 560 102
Email: devaraj@airvana.com
Internal Member
  1. Dr. H S Jayanna
    Dept. of ISE
    SIT, Tumkur
  2. Dr.M S Rudramurthy
    Associate Professor
    Department of ISE, SIT
  3. Dr.Purohit Srinivasacharya
    Assistant Professor
    Department of ISE, SIT
  4. Dr. Kavitha H.
    Assistant Professor
    Department of ISE, SIT
UG Scheme and Syllabus
PG Scheme and Syllabus
Research Scholars
Research Projects
Under Graduate
B.E. Information Science and Engineering 4 years
Post Graduate
Cyber Forensic and Information Security 2 years