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Dr. K V Suresh
Professor and Head
The department of Electronics and Communication was established in the year 1967 for imparting state-of-the-art education and training in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. With an initial intake of 30 students the department has grown steadily and the present intake is 120 students for the UG programme. The department also offers a PG programme in Signal Processing with an intake of 18.
The faculty strength of the department is 33, including 3 Professors, 9 Associate Professors, 21 Assistant Professors. Five of the faculty have completed their PhDs in IITs and reputed universities in the area of Speech Processing, Image processing, Communication. Nine faculty are pursuing their PhDs at IISc, IITs and other reputed institutions. In addition three more faculty from the department are selected under QIP .
The faculty always strives for imparting better knowledge to the students and works as a team in all departmental activities.
Students graduated from the department are well placed in India and abroad. Quite a few of them have pursued higher studies both in India and abroad. Some of them have qualified for Indian Engineering and Defense Services. Students of the department have bagged university ranks including the First rank on several occasions.
The department has state-of-the-art laboratories in the areas of Communication, DSP, Microwave, Microcontroller, Embedded system, VLSI design etc.
To create professionally competent and socially sensitive Electronics and Communication engineers capable of working in multicultural global environment.
To provide a congenial environment for superior learning experience and offer high quality education relevant to the current and future needs of the society and careers of students in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
Programme Educational Objectives :
The graduates of Electronics and Communication engineering programme are able to :
  1. Design and build systems for providing solutions to real life problems in the area of Electronics and Communication.
  2. Be a successful entrepreneur, build careers in Industry, government, public sector undertakings, pursue higher education and research.
  3. Work individually, within multidisciplinary teams and lead the team following sound professional and ethical practices.
Program Outcomes:Graduate attributes
At the end of the programme, graduate of Electronics and communication engineering programme will be able to:
  1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, sciences, and engineering to solve engineering problems in the area of electronics and communication :Engineering knowledge.
  2. Identify, formulate, and analyzeproblems in the area of microelectronics, communication and embedded systems: Problem analysis.
  3. Design solutions for complex problems and design/develop system components or processes that meet the specifications taking into consideration public health, safety, cultural,societal and environmental consideration: Design/development of solutions.
  4. Conduct investigations of complex problems that cannot be solved by straight forward application of knowledge, and that which may not have a unique solution considering appropriate constraints which may not have been specified in the problem:Conduct investigations of complex problems.
  5. Use modern engineering tools/software like DSK, XILINX, KEIL, Cadence etc to analyze and design systems: Modern tool usage.
  6. Show the understanding of impact of engineering solutions on the society and will be aware of contemporary issues:The engineer and society.
  7. Understand the impact of engineering solution in societal and environmental context: Environment and sustainability.
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities:Ethics.
  9. Work effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary settings: Individual and team work.
  10. Communicate effectively both in oral and written form: Communication.
  11. Demonstrate ability to manage projects using knowldege and understanding of the engineering and management principles: Project management and finance.
  12. Develop confidence for self-education and lifelong learning:
Life-long learning
Placement: The students of E&C Department have good track records of being placed in reputed companies. In the latest academic year 2016-17, 96 students are placed on campus with the highest salary of 8.02 Lakh/Annum. 10 Students are placed off- campus.
Students Achievements:The following students of E&C have secured highest CGPA in the recently conducted May 2016-17 Examinations
Designation Number
Professors 03
Visiting Professors
Associate Professors 09
Assistant Professors 21
Faculty Name Qualification Area of Interest / Specialisation
Dr. R Srikantaswamy
+91 9480250680
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M.Tech, Ph.D. Image Processing, Pattern recognition Computer Vision
Dr. K V Suresh
Professor & Head
+91 9480408091
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M.Tech., Ph.D. Image Processing, Computer Vision
Dr. R Kumaraswamy
0816 2214134
+91 9480344624
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M.E., Ph.D. Speech signal processing pattern recognition
B Sudarshan
Associate Professor
+91 9886690164
M.E. Microelectronics & VLSI
D N Jayaram
Associate Professor
+91 9242139160
M.E. Power Electronics and Industrial Control applications
T C Mahalingesh
Associate Professor
+91 9945193851
M.E. Analog & Digital Communication
G Shubha
Associate Professor
+91 9480542088
M.S. Computer Networks and Microwave Engineering
A N Mukunda Rao
Associate Professor
+91 9449942852
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M.Tech. Signal Processing.
B N Shashikala
Associate Professor
+91 9449028838
M.E.(Pursuing Ph.D. at MGR University) GaN-based high power devices.
T O Geetharani
Associate Professor
+91 9844538088
M.Tech. VLSI and Microwave Engineering
Shobha S. Goudar
Associate Professor
+91 9449626924
M.S.(Pursuing Ph.D. at MGR University) OMVPE equipment and process multi-junction solar cells
Dr. Veena Karjigi
Associate Professor & PG Coordinator
+91 9481489700
M.E., Ph.D. Speech processing
T R Sateesh Kumar
Assistant Professor
+91 9448416560
M.Tech. Coding theory, Microprocessor
B C Mallikarjun
Assistant Professor
+91 9980680753
M.Tech.(Pursuing Ph.D. at IISC Bangalore) Communication Networks and Protocol Engineering
Y Harshalatha
Assistant Professor
+91 9886867162
M.Tech.(Pursuing Ph.D. at IIT Khargpur) Embedded systems, Videoprocessing
V M Aparanji
Assistant Professor
+91 9886656454
M.Sc.(Engg)(Pursuing Ph.D. at VTU Belgaum) Embedded Systems
Seema B. Hegde
Assistant Professor
+91 9845815573
M.Tech.(Pursuing Ph.D. at VTU Belgaum) Computer Networking
S Mala
Assistant Professor
+91 9945788210
M.Tech. Digital Electronics
Dr. B T Venkatesh Murthy
Assistant Professor
+91 9741568963
M.Tech.,Ph.D. R F & Microwave Communication
P. S. Shilpashree
Assistant Professor
+91 9964980246
M.Tech. Signal Processing
S J Sheela
Assistant Professor
+91 9448743643
M.Tech.(Pursuing Ph.D. at VTU Belgaum) Communication
H M Sujatha
Assistant Professor
+91 9591601564
M.Tech. Digital Electronics
Dhruvakumar T
Assistant Professor
+91 9448416732
M.Tech. Digital Electronics
S Raveesh
Assistant Professor
+91 9964707639
M.Tech. VLSI and Embedded Systems
S J Vinaya
Assistant Professor
+91 9901188715
M.Tech. VLSI and Embedded Systems
H S Pradeep
Assistant Professor
+91 9886730971
M.Tech. Digital Electronics
K V Jyothiprakash
Assistant Professor
+91 9448121007
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M.Tech. VLSI and Embedded system.(Pursuing Ph.D. at VTU Belgaum)
T L Purushothama
Assistant Professor
+91 8105491827
M.Tech. Electronics
Roopa S
Assistant Professor
+91 9741019227
M.Tech.(Pursuing Ph.D. at VTU Belgaum) Electronics
Bhanumathi A
Assistant Professor
+91 9686136150
M.Tech. Digital communication and Networking
Thippeswamy E
Assistant Professor
+91 7353591676
M.E. Electronics
Pratap C
Assistant Professor
+91 8971440331
M.Tech. Microelectronics, Image Processing.
Lakshmi H R
Assistant Professor
+91 8748004439
M.Tech. Signal Processing, Machine Learning
Staff Name Qualification Working Area
T H Mallikarjuna
+91 9480406784
D.T.E. Electronic Equipment Servicing
D H Kantappa
+91 9449528015
D.E.E. Electronic Equipment Servicing
N Kiran Kori
+91 9964285083
D.E & C. Computer Hardware/Software and Network Maintenance,Trainer kits
P G Malleshaiah
Instructorbr>mallesh.pg1@gmail.combr>+91 9986581794br>
D.CSc.E. PC Hardware and Network Maintenance
P Girish Kumar
Assistant Instructor
+91 9449319505
I.T.I., JOC Equipment Servicing
C Rohith
+91 9880193123
I.T.I.,D.E & C. Equipment Servicing
S P Prabhu
+91 9916626888
D.E & C. Maintenance of Computers
N H Prakash
Technical Helper
+91 9449372200
N G Manjunath
Technical Helper
+91 9845881604
+91 7353659237
Photo Electronics Devices and Circuit Laboratory
  1. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, 20 MHz
  2. Audio Signal Generators.0 to 1MHz
  3. Function Generator
  4. Digital Storage Oscilloscopes 40 Mhz
  5. DPSK Kits
  6. QPSK
  7. Optical Fiber Kits
  8. Microwave Test Bench
  9. Micro Strip Kits (MIC Kits)
  10. TDM Kits - 2 Nos.
Photo Digital Electronics and Circuit Laboratory
  1. Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20/30MHz
  2. Signal / Function Generators
  3. UDPT Programmer / Intelligent Universal Programmer
  4. 8031 Simulator - 1 set
Photo Communication Laboratory
  1. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, 20 MHz
  2. Audio Signal Generators.0 to 1MHz
  3. Function Generator
  4. Digital Storage Oscilloscopes 40 MHz
Photo Advanced Communication Laboratory
  1. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, 20 MHz
  2. Audio Signal Generators.0 to 1MHz
  3. Function Generator
  4. Digital Storage Oscilloscopes 40 Mhz
  5. DPSK Kits
  6. QPSK
  7. Optical Fiber Kits
  8. Microwave Test Bench- 3 Sets
  9. Micro Strip Kits (MIC Kits)
  10. TDM Kits - 2 Nos.
  11. Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20/30MHz
  12. Signal / Function Generators
Lab Photo Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory
  1. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, 20 MHz
  2. Audio Signal Generators.0 to 1MHz
  3. Function Generator
  4. Digital Storage Oscilloscopes 40 Mhz
  5. Function Generators
  6. UDPT Programmer / Intelligent Universal Programmer
  7. 8031 Simulator - 1 set
  8. Digital Storage Oscilloscope 40 Mhz
Photo Microcontroller Laboratory
  1. Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20/30MHz
  2. ESA MC/ MP Kits.
  3. Computers - 25 Nos
Photo Digitial Signal Processing Laboratory
  1. Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20/30MHz
  2. DSP - TMS320 5416,5510,67xx
  3. MSP TMS430 Kit
  4. UPS 5 KVA - 1 No.
  5. UPS - 3 KVA - 2 Nos.
Photo VHDL Laboratory
  1. Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20/30MHz
  2. VHDL Kits .
  3. PSpice Software
  4. Mentor Graphics Software
  5. Xilinx Software
  6. Proteus VSM Software
  7. Logic Analyzer .
  8. Computers - 35 Nos
  9. UPS 5 KVA - 1 Nos.,
  10. UPS - 3 KVA - 6 Nos, 2 KVA - 1 No.
Photo VLSI Laboratory
  1. Microwind Software 3.1
  2. Cadence Software
Photo PG Computer Centre
  1. DELL Optiflex 755 Core 2 Duo E7200 & HP Pro 3090 Computers -30 Nos.
  2. T-CAD Synopsis Tool Software
  3. Arm Processors - 5 Nos.
  4. FPGA Boards - 2 Nos.
  5. LabView software.
  6. UPS 5 KVA - 1 Nos.,
  7. UPS - 3 KVA - 3 Nos.
Photo M10x Center / Project Laboratory
  1. HP Pro 3090 Computers -25 Nos.
  2. Mission 10X kits - 20 Nos.
  3. Intel Atom Kits - 10 Nos.
  4. UPS - 3 KVA - 3 Nos.
Photo Wireless Communication Lab
  1. Wave guru SDR kits - 5
  2. Different RF SMA cables
  3. 300-2500 MHz splitters
  4. FM & 2500Mhzantennas
  5. Attenuators
Dr. K. V. Suresh
Professor and Head.
Department of Electronics and Communication, SIT
Tumkur - 572103
Industry Expert
Dr. Sarat Chandra Babu N
Executive Director
Dr. Lokesh Boregowda
Principal Engineer,
Samsung R&D Institute India (SRI-B)
Dr. Upendra Revuri
Engineering Services
Robert Bosch Engg and Business solutions Ltd.
Dr. Muralidhar M Kulkarni
Dept. of ECE
NITK Suratkal.
Dr. Somashekar Bhat
Professor and Head
Dept. Of ECE, M.I.T
Dr. R. Srikantaswamy
Dept. of ECE
Dr. R. Kumaraswamy
Dept. of ECE
S.I.T. Tumakuru.
Dr. Veena Karjigi
Associate Professor
Dept. of ECE
S.I.T. Tumakuru
Research Projects
Ph.D. Scholars
Under Graduate
B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering 4 years
Post Graduate
M.Tech. -  Signal Processing 2 years
Ph.D.   Programme
Ph.D in -  Electronics and Communication Engineering -