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Dr. N.R. Sunitha
Professor & Head
The department was started in the year 1986, with an intake of 60 students offering a bachelors degree in Computer Science & Engineering, under Bangalore University. In these years of academic services, the department has grown up steadily, and at present the department hosts the following three autonomous programmes, under the affiliation of Visveswaraya Technological University, Belgaum.
The department has V.T.U recognized research centre, which was started in the year 2003. At present 21 students are pursuing Ph.D in the Research Centre and 5 are awarded Ph.D.
Faculty:The department has well experienced and highly qualified faculty members, who are specialized in some of the latest areas of Computer Science and Engineering, which includes, Computer Networks, Wireless Network Security, Cryptography, Wireless Sensor Networks, Cloud Computing, and so on. All faculties participate in various Workshops and Seminars to keep themselves updated with the latest technology. Faculties are also actively involved in some of the joint research projects with industries and research organizations and 8 patents are filed till date on the project works.
Laboratories: The department is well equipped with five laboratories for U.G programme, two laboratories for Master programmes along with Project and Research laboratory . The laboratories are well managed by experienced Non-Teaching staff. The Computer Maintenance Cell (CMC) which is the part of the department has responsibilities of managing Campus-Wide IT infrastructure, including Computers, Networking (Wired / Wireless), and Internet facilities, Mail, Web and Application Servers and so on.
Internships & Placements: The department is one of the top options for CET and COMED-K rank holders. The students of CSE has performed excellently well in campus placements of reputed IT industries, such as TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, INFORMATICA, AKAMAI, Z-SCALAR and others. UG students have acquired their internships and projects in companies like ARICENT, ABB and so on while PG students have in companies such as ROBERT-BOSH, LUCENT, UNISYS, GLOBAL EDGE, TCS, and so on.
Training programs: The department is actively involved in hosting many additional training programmes for students in niche areas such as MOBILE PROGRAMMING, QUALNET, IBM TECHNOLOGOIES, NETWORK SECURITY, ANDROID PRGRAMMING, ETHICAL HACKING, INTERNET of THINGS and so on. UG / PG research work is encouraged in the department which has resulted in good publications in reputed journals and conferences. Under the SIT Innovation Club, students are motivated to do solve day to day problems faced in society with their innovative ideas for which training and funding is also arranged based on the merit and usefulness to society.
Short Range Goals
  • Improving Industry-Institute interactions to provide inputs for curriculum development and to reduce the gap between industry and academia.
  • Encouraging students to take up innovative projects to solve day to day societal problems.
  • Motivating students to take-up research activities and publishing papers in referred conferences and journals.
  • Encouraging continuing education for both faculty and Non-Teaching staff.
  • Enhancing student's internships in industries.
  • Involving industry in evaluating projects and research works of M.Tech. Students, and framing syllabus.
  • To increase the faculty interactions with reputed Institutions / Universities in the National and international level.
  • To improve the effectiveness of teaching, by inculcating new pedagogical approaches.
  • To increase the visibility of the department and institution by conducting sponsored workshops and conferences.
  • To utilize professional body membership like IEEE, ACCS, CSI, ACM to organize technical programmes for faculty and students.
Long Range Goals
  • To establish more research centers recognized by reputed National and International level universities.
  • To establish centers of excellence in some of the cutting edge technologies.
  • To promote entrepreneurship skills among students and staff by setting up incumbency centers.
Designation Number
Professors 05
Visiting Professors 01
Associate Professors 03
Assistant Professors 28
Faculty Name Qualification Area of Interest / Specialisation
Dr. N R Sunitha
Professor & Head
M.S. (S/W systems)
Information security.
Dr. B Sathish Babu
Ph.D. (I.I.Sc.)
Computer networks and protocol engineering.
Dr. R Sathish
M.Tech., MBA, Ph.D. (RMIT, Australia) Peer to Peer Networks
Dr. Y S Nijagunarya
M.Tech., Ph.D. Soft computing Techniquies.
Dr. R Sumathi
M.E., Ph.D. Sensor Networks
Dr. A S Manjunath
Vsiting Professor
M.Tech., Ph.D. Embedded Systems
Dr. A S Poornima
Associate Professor
M.Tech.,Ph.D. Efficient & Reliable Secure Group Communication
K N Shreenath
Associate Professor
(Pursuing Ph.D.)
Sensor Networks
M B Nirmala
Associate Professor
(Pursuing Ph.D.)
Distributed Computing, Computer Networks
K G Manjunath
Assistant Professor
(Pursuing Ph.D.)
Ad hoc Network 
A H Shanthakumara
Assistant Professor
M.Tech.,(Pursuing Ph.D.) Database Securities Data Mining  Techniques
A V Krishna Mohan
Assistant Professor
M.E. Sensor Netwroks
G Bhaskar
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Peer to Peer Networks
K Srinivasa
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Programming and data structures, Database Management System.
M Raghavendra
Assistant Professor
ME CSE Wireless Sensor Networks
M Kavitha
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Network security, Data analytics, Algorithms.
K R Prasannakumar
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Programming Languages
S Thejaswini
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Computer Networks, Information Security & Big Data
V Ravi
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Database Management Systems
S Nayana
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
Nousheen Taj
Assistant Professor
M.Tech Operating Systems,Cloud Computing
R M Savithramma
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Cloud Computing
S P Gururaj
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Computer Networks
E Guruprasad
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Operating Systems, Database Management Systems
H D Kallinatha
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Parallel Programming, Computer Architecture and Distributed Systems
H K Vedamurthy
M.Tech. Image Processing and Computer Graphics
B P Ashwini
M.Tech. Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Engineering Education
C P Probodh
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Free and open source softwares and Education Technologies.
Chandra Prabha
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Wireless Networks, Data Mining and Warehousing
K Bhargavi
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. (Pursuing Ph.D.) Application of Cognitive agents , High Performance Computing
G S Thejas
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Human Computer Interaction (HCI)Machine Learning Performance optimization using parallel computing
Shruthi K
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. -
Santosh S Patil
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. -
Prema S
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. -
Evlin Vidyu Latha P
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. -
Shwetha A N
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. -
Staff Name Qualification Expertise
B Suresh Kumar
System Manager
B.Sc., MCSE, PGDCA (CSE) System Administration, H/W, Networking
K J Latesh Kumar
D.C.Sc. & E.,M.Sc (I.T) C, H/W, Assembling
S Kumaraswamy
Computer Operator
D.C.Sc. & E C, Unix, VB, DBMS, GUI Appl., S/W tools Assembling, S/w installation
S Mahesh
Computer Operator
D.C.Sc. & E C, Unix, dbase, MS-Office, Assembling, S/w installation
S C Shivakumar
Computer Operator
D.E & C.E Assembling, Service, Networking, Installation
N G Satish
D.C.Sc. & E C, H/W, Assembling
K S Suresh
D.C.Sc. & E C, H/W, Assembling, Installation
K.J. Rathan
D.C. Science -
T M Prakashbabu
Technical Helper
M P Suresh
Technical Helper
H K Prakash

Name of the laboratory Area in m2 Major equipments available
Aryabhata Computer Centre 148.83
  1. Desktop-PC:-– 24 Nos.
  2. Microprocessor Interface cards All-in-one:-– 12 Nos.
  3. Oscilloscope Philips 20 Mhz:-– 05 Nos.
  4. HP LaserJet 101:- 01 No.
  5. LG 2 Tone Intello Air conditioner:-– 03 Nos
  6. UPS:  2 KVA:- 02 Nos.
Linux Laboratory 183.40
  1. HP Desktop-PC:-–50Nos
  2. TPC 5KVA offline UPS:-–03Nos
  3. Hp Procurve Switch:-–03Nos
  4. Hub Rack 9U:-–01Nos
  5. HP LaserJet Printer 1018:-–01Nos
  6. LG 2 Tone Intello Air conditioner:-–06Nos
Rohini Computer Centre 107.16
  1. Desktop-PC:-–51Nos
  2. LG 2 Tone Intello Air conditioner:-–06Nos
  3. 5 KVA APC-UPS:-–04Nos
  4. HP LaserJet Printer 1018:-–01Nos
  5. Wall Mount Rack:-–01Nos
  6. Hp Procurve Switch:-–03Nos
Bhaskara Computer Centre 223.08
  1. Desktop-PC:-– 87Nos
  2. Hp Procurve Switch:-– 03Nos
  3. HP Hub Rack - 9U:-– 01Nos
  4. HP Laser Jet Printer 1018:-– 01Nos
  5. 5 KVA UPS:-– 06Nos
  6. Airconditioner:-– 06Nos
M.Tech CSE Lab 223.08
  1. Desktop-PC:-– 25Nos
  2. Hub :-–01Nos
  3. Switch:-– 02Nos
  4. HP Laser Jet Printer 1018:-– 01Nos
  5. UPS-3KVA:-– 03Nos
M.Tech CNE Lab 25.00
  1. Desktop-PC:-– 20Nos
  2. HP LaserJet M1005 MFP:-–01Nos
  3. Hub:-–01Nos
  4. Switch:-–02Nos
Project Lab 25.00
  1. Desktop-PC:-– 15 Nos
  2. 5 KVA UPS :-–01 Nos
  3. Airconditioner:-– 02 Nos
Research Centre 25.00
  1. Desktop Servers:-–07Nos
  2. Sun solaris:-–02Nos
  3. Desktop-PC:-– 05Nos
  4. 5 KVA UPS:-–01Nos
  5. Airconditioner:-–02Nos
Licensed System Softwares
  1. Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  2. Microsoft Windows NT 2000
  3. SCO Unix 7.1
  4. RHEL 4 Workstation
  5. Turbo C++
  6. Microsoft MASM 6.0
  7. Windows 2003 Server - Enterprise Edition (100 Users)
Licensed Application Softwares
  1. Microsoft Exchange 2000
  2. Oracle 10g
  3. MAT LAB (100 Users)
  4. Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
  5. Microsoft Office 2000
  6. Borland C++
  7. Borland dBase 4.0
  8. Turbo Pascal
  9. Printshop
  10. Photo Impact 5.0
  11. Flow
  12. Rational Enterprise Suite
  13. ARC/Info University Lab Kit on WinNT
  14. ERDAS Imagine Professional V8.31 on Windows 95/NT
  15. IBM DB2
  16. IBM Web sphere Application
Details of papers presented / published by faculty in National Conferences
  • National Conferences
  • Details of papers presented / published by faculty in International Conferences
  • International Conferences
  • Details of papers presented / published by faculty in International Journal
  • International Journal
  • Director
    Dr. M.N.Channabasappa
    Dr. Shivakumaraiah
    Dr. N.R.Sunitha, Professor and Head
    Dr. B.B.Amberker
    Professor, NITK, Warrangal
    Dr. S.N.Omkar
    Scientific Officer, Department of Aerospace Engineering
    IISc, Bangalore
    Vice President, Adea International, Bangalore
    Dr. T.N.Nagabhushan
    Professor amd Head, Department of ISE, SJCE, Mysore
    Dr. T.Chokkalingam
    IT Consultant, Bangalore
    Mr. E.S.Chakraborty
    Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore
    Dr. R.Sathish
    Professor, Department of CSE, SIT
    Dr. A.S.Manjunath
    Professor, Department of CSE, SIT
    Dr. Y.S.Nijagunarya
    Professor, Department of CSE, SIT
    Dr. B.Sathish Babu
    Professor, Department of CSE, SIT
    Dr. R.Sumathi
    Associate Professor, Department of CSE, SIT
    Details of research scholars who have registered / pursuing / awarded Ph.D.
    Research Projects
    Completed Projects
    On going Projects
    A Two day workshop on ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing)
    We conducted a two day workshop on ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing) on 17th & 18th March 2016 in our campus in association with CSI-BC (Computer Society of India- Bangalore Chapter) and CLIK (Consortium of Electronic Industries of Karnataka). The theme of the workshop was "Hands on Big Data Ecosystem". The workshop was sponsored by GOK-ITBT (Government of Karnataka - Information Technology Bio Technology) and organized by Departments of Computer Science & Engg. and Electronics & Communication Engg.,
    Faculty, Research Scholars and PG students of Computer Science & Engg., Information Science & Engg., Electronics & Communication Engg., Telecommunication Engg., Electrical and instrumentation departments from Engineering colleges in and around Tumkur participated in the workshop. There were a total of 132 participants, out of which 95 were from SIT and 37 from other organisations (SSIT, SIET,RLJIT,AIT,KIT and Fulcrum Technologies). The inauguration of workshop was on 17th March 2016 at 9.30 AM in Media Centre, SIT Campus. Dr. Shivakumaraiah, Principal, SIT welcomed the gathering. The inaugural address was given by Mr.Ashok Sharma, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, QOS Technology, Bangalore. The Guest of honour was Ms. Bhanumathi K.S , Convener, SIG-Formal Methods (FM), CSI Chairperson, CSI-BC, Bangalore. Mr. Vedamurthy gave a brief outline of the workshop. Dr. M. N Channabasappa, Director, SIT presided over the programme. Dr. N R Sunitha, Professor & Head, Dept. of CSE delivered the vote of thanks. Ms. Nayana, H J and Ms. Vidyulatha introduced the guests amd Mrs. S Nayana was Master of Ceremony. The inauguration concluded with the National Anthem.
    Following topics were covered in the workshop:
    • What/Why/How - Big Data?
    • Big data ecosystem.
    • Big Data Success stories and Big Data Challenges.
    • Career options in Big Data.
    • Hands on Lab with Retail data and Web Server Log Data.
    Technical Session 1
    • Introduction to big data
    • Programming language for analytics, data science and data mining.
    • Challenges in big data in security and real time virtualization.
    • Hadoop distributions.
    Technical Session 2
    • Some light on courses on big data like MIT Open course, Stanford Open Courses.
    • Introduction to Cloudera.
    • Hands on BigData
    • a) Transfer the unstructured data from RDBMS To Hadooop .
    • b)Self practice in tutorial programs.
    • c)Queries on HDFS data
    Technical Session 3
    • Explanation and demonstration on tutorial programs given in session 2.
    • Introduction to Hadoop
    • Overview about Map Reduce.
    • HDFS System Architecture.
    • Apache Hadoop Ecosystem.
    Technical Session 4
    • Introduction on NoSQL
    • Some light on concepts like FLUME,CDH ,Hive and Spark tools.
    • Online quiz was conducted based on topics covered in previous sessions.
    Technical Session 5
    • Some tutorial programs on queries to be executed on HIVE,CDH Tool was given
    • Online quiz was conducted during the last session and cash prizes given for top ten winners.
    The Valedictory of the workshop was held on 18th March 2016 at 2.30 PM. in Media Centre, SIT Campus. Dr. N R Sunitha, Professor & Head, Dept. of CSE, welcomed the gathering. Ms. Sushma, Asst. Professor, Dept. of CSE, read the report on the workshop. Mr. Chander Mannar, Immediate Past Chairman of CSI-BC, Bangalore, delivered the Valedictory address, Dr. Shivakumaraiah, Principal, SIT who was Chief Guest addressed the participants and Dr. M. N Channabasappa, Director, SIT presided over the programme. Feedback both oral and written was taken during the workshop. The workshop received good feedback from all participants and the resource person had all the praise from all participants, There were requests for similar workshops on upcoming technologies.
    Dr. N R Sunitha Convener
    Professor & Head
    Dept. of CSE
    SIT, Tumkur
    Electronic System Design and Manufacturing workshop Photo Gallery
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    17th-workshop  18th-workshop
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    M.Tech. -  Computer Network and Engineering 2 years
    Ph.D. Programme
    Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering FULL TIME Min 3 years
    Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering PART TIME Min 4 years
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    K R Prasannakumar
    K N Shreenath